Soul Mates & Soul Connections

Good Morning Beautiful Souls,

I've been guided by spirit to shed light on the topic of strong soul connections that we have with those we meet along our journey. It is a topic that comes through so often in sessions and one that is quite complex and unique to each person's souls journey and needed lessons.  Please note this is only my experience through connecting deeply within my own strong soul partnerships and through the messages and guidance that comes forward from the angels and spirit guides regarding these most difficult and challenging partnerships.  We grow, evolve and elevate through these vital meetings; it can be family, friendship, love relationships, or even animal souls that we connect too. They force us to shift out of our comfort zone into a new space of understanding and love for ourselves. It can also feel like a cataclysmic impact upon meeting; as if your SOUL knows you were destined to meet. I am often asked the question, "Is this partner my TWIN FLAME ( a spiritual-heart and soul connection)? With that question also comes forward, "But what are we meant to learn here in this life together? What valuables lessons?"

During meditation I was given this channeled message; may it bring your further peace and enlightenment regarding your own strong SOUL connections.....

"Dear Ones, we see that this is a time of rapid acceleration as you are each expanding your light and taking in more energy through your light bodies. With this there will be a pull away from previous partners who once resonated so deeply for you. Do not fret, for these souls have their own journey and you are being propelled forward for even greater soul meetings as you are connecting to those who vibrate at your same frequency.  What does it matter the Earthly label of twin flame, or soul mate. If you feel it in your being, in your heart; it is TRUE.  The lasting love you seek is the same love which will ignite your heart flame to complete the missions necessary as deemed by your soul's contract in this existence. Be at peace in your heart knowing that you are destined for LOVE.. That LOVE is who you are, and it always will be that of which you will return too.  If there is pain at the loss of losing a relationship once held so dear, allow yourself to mourn the connection but honor it for the lessons and experiences it brought you. Your being holds no place for fear at this time.  As your heart expands and you move forward on your journey; it is inevitable that you will connect with other soul's to love and be loved. You can't do it wrong! What if we told you it is your DIVINE birthright ! Let that settle.. You are designed to grow and share this love and new knowledge. Yes, you have lived many earthly and spiritual journeys with those souls, but perhaps the karma has been concluded between each other. Bless that union, and move forward with JOYFUL anticipation that you are meant to connect further and deeper to other soul mates. Call on us if you are in fear or holding pain in your emotional and physical body regarding moving forward. WE love you for you are a child of LOVE and LIGHT.

Blessed Be,

Archangel Michael and The Legion of Angels

(as channeled by Noelle Lynn on 6/5/17)