Signs, Signs, Signs

SIGNS! The often unrecognizable nature sign or symbol our loved ones leave us. Often repetitively until we notice them! I always say to my clients; go with your first impression upon seeing the sign. First acknowledge it, thank your loved ones and then check in with yourself. There will be a "knowing" so to speak of whom is around. Birds, butterflies, dragonflies, coins, feathers, and numbers are just a few of the tangible items in our environment that spirit can utilize to come through for us. Often times if I am going through a stressful period or need clarity on an area of my life; I will wake up in the middle of the night and the clock will read "1:11" or "11:11". The angel numbers for new beginnings. There is a strong peace that can come from just holding this awareness that our loved ones are around and are present with us at that moment.

Red cardinals are such a beautiful and vibrant "HELLO" from heaven. As birds in many cultures are revered as spirit messengers. I know for me every time one flies above it is my beloved Papa giving us a visit. I thank him silently or out loud; and ask him to continue supporting us with his love and light. These are just the few of the signs that loved ones in spirit have mentioned they bring thru for us. Nature is such a gift~ I encourage you to ASK your loved ones for an undeniable and BOLD sign from them. Be open to ALLOW them to do that in the way they choose; it may take a few days but believe me; they will comply. What signs from nature have you been receiving lately? I would love to hear:)

Stay connected~ and Stay in the Light!

In Love and Blessings,

Noelle Lynn