TRUST~ the single most vital, self-serving act one can do when connecting with their soul.  As all living things are connected thru energy, in the universal consciousness; when you sit in the stillness, in the breath of your being, you are linked to an incredible force. The divine energy of the light of your soul, brings forth the love of your angels, your masterful spirit guides, and legions of your ancestors.

I encourage each of you to BE with this energy; daily if possible but with purposeful intention throughout the week. Visualize a golden light emanating from your heart, radiating out as it encircles you in protection, knowing you are powerfully connected to strong healing energies. As this light surrounds you ask for the light of your soul to step forward. Breathe in this incredible energy! Allow that feeling to spread from the tips of your toes, to the top of your head your crown. You can’t do it wrong! Stay here awhile, breathe, experience, and just BE.

ALLOW whatever messages, guidance, peace and healing to stream through; unfiltered and with the intention of bringing in that love and light to YOUR being. Once I began my spiritual journey; this same visualization technique I used quite often and with great success. When we can trust; trust in our hearts that ALL is Well, and that we are exactly where we need to be, that peace within is infectious.  I believe in the magic and wisdom of our SOULS~ allow this energy to take you where is needed.

Many blessings to each along your journey,

Noelle Lynn